What Is Motability?

Motability has been offering services to disabled people for over 30 years, by exchanging their mobility allowance for a brand new car. Since its establishment in 1978, Motability has helped over 2 million people get mobile with a brand new car.

With Motability you simply exchange your mobility allowance – either the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance or the War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement – for a brand new car.

Included with the car is a whole host of benefits, so the only thing you actually need to budget for is your fuel. You don’t even have to be able to drive yourself as you can nominate up to two other drivers or, equally, if your child receives the allowance you can get a car on their behalf.

When selecting a Motability deal, you can purchase on a 3 year lease agreement.

What is included?

The 3 year lease option includes the following benefits:

  • A new car of your choice every three years (or five years for WAV* customers)
  • Over 4,000 cars to choose from (200 with no advance payment)
  • Insurance from RSA Motability
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Full breakdown assistance from RAC
  • Annual car tax
  • Replacement tyres by Kwik Fit
  • Window and windscreen repair or replacement
  • 60,000 mileage allowance over three years or 100,000 for WAV* customers
  • Many adaptations at no extra cost

Items that you will be responsible for include the following:

  • Fuel, oil and consumables – such as washer liquid
  • Optional extras not fitted as standard – such as leather seats
  • Adaptations – some require an additional payment
  • Insurance claims – there is a £75 minimum excess on any claim for loss or damage (full details can be obtained on application)
  • Fines – any parking or speeding fines are your responsibility
  • Theft of, or damage to – personal belongings in the car

Although less common, the hire purchase option is also available - ask in your local branch/retailer for more information.

* Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Who Is Eligible?

Anyone aged three or over who currently receives either the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance or the War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement and has at least 12 months award remaining, is eligible to lease a car from Motability. If you choose to lease a car through Motability's Contract Hire scheme you must have at least 12 months' award length remaining. For customers choosing to buy a car with a Hire Purchase agreement, you will need to be receiving the allowance for the full length of your agreement. Eligible parties also include:

  • A parent/guardian who can order a car on behalf of a child aged three or over who is receiving the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance.
  • Non drivers who can name up to two other drivers – please refer to the downloadable guide for more information on named drivers.

Do you need to have a driving licence?

  • If you opt for our lease agreement you do not need to drive. You can nominate up to two drivers who may be friends or relatives, and parents or carers can apply on behalf of a child aged three years and upwards.
  • Proposed drivers must not have any serious driving convictions, disqualifications, or endorsements within the last five years. There are also some restrictions on drivers under 25 and those with provisional licences.

Checking your eligibility

  • For enquiries about the Disability Living Allowance (DLA), please contact Disability & Carers Service on 08457 123456 or visit the Directgov website
  • For enquiries about the War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement (WPMS), please contact Service Personnel & Veterans Agency on 0800 169 2277 or visit the Veterans UK website.


The Motability Managed Adaptations Programme has made it easier than ever to choose adaptations for your Motability car, often at no additional cost. Simply select the adaptations you require and order them in the dealership at the same time you order your new car.

  • All adaptations fitted as part of the Managed Adaptations Programme are manufactured and installed by Motability accredited specialists and we will manage the adaptations as part of your worry-free motoring package.

  • Many adaptations are now available at no extra cost. For any adaptions that do incur a charge, cost details are available on the adaptations prices page of the Motability website.

  • Some standard adaptations include:

    • Push/Pull hand control - If you are unable to use the foot pedals in your car, a push and pull device will enable you to control the speed with your hand.
    • Steering wheel ball - If you have difficulty holding or turning a steering wheel or have the use of only one hand, a steering wheel ball gives you more steering control.
    • Easy release hand brake - If you have limited strength or flexibility in your arms an easy release handbrake device will reduce the effort needed to operate the hand brake.
    • Wheelchair stowage: electric boot hoist - If you cannot lift your wheelchair into your boot an electric hoist will solve this problem, taking the weight and manoeuvring it into the boot of your car.

Before choosing an adaptation, we strongly recommend that you seek advice, especially if you have never used adaptations before. Contact one of our Motability specialists or visit for advice.

Recommend A Friend Scheme

The Motability Recommend a Friend Scheme

When you tell a friend, or relative, about the Motability Car Scheme and they decide to join, Motability will send you £25 to say thank you. And, they'll also send your friend £25 as a welcome gift. Just 'pass it on'.

If you’re an existing Motability customer, all you need to do is:

  • Print the Voucher and write your name and Motability car registration in the space provided
  • Pass the voucher on to a friend who is eligible to obtain a car through the Motability Contract Hire Scheme
  • Once your friend or relative has selected a new car, they will need to pass the voucher to their Motability Specialist when they place their order and he will look after the rest
  • Once your friend has collected their brand new car, Motability will send you each a cheque for £25